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What I Would Tell My Younger Self

Now I don’t really know if I would want to change anything that has happened to me in the past even though some of it hasn’t been that good, however, I have learned a lot from everything that has happened. But you always have those thoughts though of “What if” and if you could go…… Continue reading What I Would Tell My Younger Self


My Top 10 Favourite T.V Shows

I love watching T.V shows & watching new shows, who doesn’t. So, I thought I would tell you my favourite 10 T.V shows, they are either still on T.V or finished a while ago but still good to watch on repeat & even better if they are on Netflix. They are in particular order, just…… Continue reading My Top 10 Favourite T.V Shows

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New Zealand Aventure Part Two – Taupo

Now, 3 months ago I flew back home from New Zealand for a little break & wanted to tell you all about my adventures & what I got up to during my time over there but I only ended posting one blog post… I completely forgot & neglected the other parts of my adventure, so here…… Continue reading New Zealand Aventure Part Two – Taupo


2018 Resolutions

Every year we all make the same resolutions & never stick to them!!! I definitely did that last year, however, I will not be making the same mistake twice!!! (I hope) So, I’ve decided to make 4 New Year Resolutions & hopefully I’m going to stick to them by revisiting them halfway through the year so I…… Continue reading 2018 Resolutions

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Why I started blogging…

I really don’t know why I started blogging if I’m honest… I  just started writing up my monthly Birchboxes I got sent & then I started posting about all the Lush products I bought & then out of nowhere I just starting posting about anything & everything. I found I enjoyed posted about beauty products &…… Continue reading Why I started blogging…

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The Truth About House Sharing…

Everyone thinks that this is going to be the best idea ever, whether at University or just in general but you soon realise after you’ve moved with those people that this was indeed the wrong decision… You make friends at university, decide to move into a house together to save money and when you move…… Continue reading The Truth About House Sharing…

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2017 Look Back

Well, its time of year where you reflect on the previous year and make resolutions you’ll never keep for the next year!! You never know what will happen from one day to the next and I can safely say that 2017 has been a very different kind of year for me… It didn’t really start…… Continue reading 2017 Look Back